Meet the Ensemble

Our repertory ensemble of eleven professional actors appears on our stage throughout the season. It is their talent and commitment that ensure the consistent excellence of our work.


“Once again, this repertory company shows just what the word ‘company’ means; the actors are so used to working together that their chemistry completely convinces the audience that they are a family.”
  - Ruth Ross, News-Record

1.1_Nicole Callender Trading Card_Front.
1.2_Nicole Callender Trading Card_Back
2.1_Clark Carmichael Trading Card_Front.
2.2_Clark Carmichael Trading Card_Back
4.1_Laura Ekstrand Trading Card_Front
4.2_Laura Ekstrand Trading Card_Back
5.1_Noreen Farley Trading Card_Front
5.2_Noreen Farley Trading Card_Back
6.1_Julian Gordon Trading Card_Front
6.2_Julian Gordon Trading Card_Back
8.1_Dave Maulbeck Trading Card_Front
8.2_Dave Maulbeck Trading Card_Back
7.1_Scott McGowan Trading Card_Front
7.2_Scott McGowan Trading Card_Back
9.2_Daria Sullivan Trading Card_Front
9.1_Daria Sullivan Trading Card_Back
11.1_Jason SzamretaTrading Card_Front
11.2_Jason SzamretaTrading Card_Back